Mathematics (Period 5)

Course Description

This is the basic math class. We do not use a textbook, we instead use teacher created material and the Missouri Standards to study mathematics.

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Posting again

Sorry for letting this website fall behind. I was swamped with a few items that took me a while to get completed. I should now be able to keep this page up to date with what we are doing in class. Thanks for your patience!

Monopoly Unit

Starting the week of November 13 most classes will begin my Monopoly Unit. In this unit we will divide into teams and play Monopoly as a class. The math involved is highlighted and is how each student will be scored. It is a fun unit and will not have daily homework. We will wrap up the unit and turn in packets to be graded on November 20th 

Making it count!

Homework is preparation for the test. It is where you try to see if you can do it and then ask questions to clarify any confusion. If you don't do your homework, you never know what questions or confusions you might have until the test and then it's too late to ask. 


Tests are a time for students to show what they can do all by themselves. They cannot be retaken or corrected, however, WE DO study for them a lot. I also make it one of my personal goals to teach students HOW to study for tests. We use index cards and practice problems and making notes as a way to really LEARN a topic. 

Back to the Grind!

We are off to a GREAT start of the school year! I am figuring out this new system as I go. When it works, it's GREAT! All classes will have their first chapter tests next week. We will have reviews and study materials. 
I am working on getting Google Classroom set up, but when Infinite Campus is down, I can't email the links and that's the delay. I will only post on Google Classroom when necessary. I will have links to this page and IXL log in  page.