Fundamentals of Mathematics Syllabus

Teacher: Sheila Hansen Tutoring Time: Every day 7:45am email: [email protected]   

The best way to contact me is through email. As soon as you get a chance, please send me an email with your child’s name in the subject line and tell me a little about your child. This helps me get to know my students, their parents, and gives me a quick way to send you email. 

Goal of this course: Fundamentals are the basic skills needed to study any subject. This course’s goal is to improve those basic math skills and bring students who are behind up to an 8th grade level by the end of the year. This course starts out with an intensive basic skills training, then teaches the 7th grade objectives. We move at a slower pace than a regular class to take time to practice each skill more and answer more questions.

Unit 0- Review Essential Skills

Unit 1 - Integers

Unit 2 - Fractions

Unit 3 - Ratios and Proportions

Unit 4 - Expressions and Equations

Unit 5 - Geometry and Measurement

Unit 6 - Data, Statistics and Probability


Homework: Each student will have assignments to work on during class, however, if a student does not finish their work in class then it must be taken home and finished. Any student who does not complete a homework assignment on time will be given deductions leading to after school detention. I will talk to the student to discover the reason the assignment hasn’t been completed, and will email their parents. 

Daily assignments- Students are expected to complete their daily assignments and I will look over their work when they get it complete.  If I can see that a student isn’t understanding a particular concept, I will spend extra time with them.

Test- Before each test there will be one or two days of review and study guides given. Tests cannot be corrected or retaken. There is a vocabulary section in each test.

Portfolio- A portfolio is a collection of student work. Students save all their work from that chapter, then before the test, the work is put in order and used as a study aid for the test. Portfolios are equal in points and weight to tests. They can help balance a student’s score if they do not do well on a test, but do well on homework. 

My Classroom Rule:  In my class I have one rule: Don’t cause a problem for anyone else. If a student causes a problem they are expected to make that problem right. If they continue to cause a problem, I will deal with the situation on an individual basis. 

To sign this syllabus, simply send me an email as described in the beginning or send me a note telling me a little about your child. Bonus points will be given if sent by September 8th. Have a great year. Please email or call me if you have any concerns!